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Lourdes is proud to have received the following honors:

March 28, 2004
Valley International Film Festival

Best Documentary Film

In an exciting and star-studded conclusion to the first annual Valley International Film Festival, Lourdes was honored with the VIFFI Best Documentary Award. The black-tie, gala affair hosted over 125 guests including Hollywood notables Joseph Campenella, brothers Sid and Marty Kroft, Mrs. Stanley Kramer, Marvin Kaplan, John Connolly, Dean (Superman) Cain, Jane Keane and, host for the evening, Dick Van Patten. Actress Beverly Garland, who also owns the beautiful Beverly Garland Hotel at which the affair was produced, was also honored with a special award for her roles in over 40 films and 700 televisions shows.

With over 85 films reviewed for the first-ever VIFFI Awards, Lourdes producer John Tenorio, was caught by surprise with the award for Best Documentary. During his acceptance speech, Tenorio promised to "wake up" his writer/director partner, Peter Hoffmann, in his New York home, with the exciting news. Dr. Hoffmann was unable to attend the event due to a conflict in his schedule, accepting the Wilbur Award (see below) on the preceding night.

At the evening's end, Tenorio was once again a popular conversationalist with the many guests who held high interest in the Lourdes phenomenom.

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March 27, 2004
Lourdes Honored with Wilbur Award

The Religion Communications Council, a national interfaith organization of more than 600 religion communicators working in all aspects of print and electronic communication, today announced “Lourdes” as recipient of the Wilbur Award for Television Film. The award is named after the late Marvin C. Wilbur, who served for almost 30 years as the executive secretary of the Religion Public Relations Council.

The Wilbur Awards were presented at the Birmingham Museum of Art in Birmingham, Alabama. The RCC promotes opportunities for religion communicators to learn from each other. Together, RCC members promote excellence in the communication of religious faith and values in the public arena, and encourage understanding among religious and faith groups.

John Tenorio and Peter Hoffmann, Lourdes’ producer and director, are in good company as Wilbur Awards winners. Other notable 2004 winners include Paul Davies of the Atlantic Monthly, Bruce Tomaso of the Dallas Morning News, Jerry Bruckheimer/Warner Brothers Television, and others.

“This award is most satisfying and demonstrates that more and more people and organizations are interested in the incredible journey of Lourdes,” said producer John Tenorio.

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May 1, 2003
9th Annual International Family Film Festival

Independent Family Award

Drawing the largest audience at the prestigious Santa Clarita film festival, Lourdes was presented a special honor at the events's closing ceremonies, The Independent Family Award for best representing the Spirit of the Festival.

Lourdes writer/director Peter Hoffmann and producer John Tenorio graciously accepted the award culminating an evening that celebrated over 50 independent films and screenplays.

The Lourdes screenings were attended by nearly 300 persons, with standing room only during the final showing on May 30, the last night of the week-long event. As an added bonus, the crowd was treated to a personal appearence by Lisa Tenorio, who performed the film's original David Loeb song, Bernadette's Theme. Local media cameras were rolling as the 13-year old soprano sang spine-chilling renditions of Ave Maria and O Mio Babbino to an awed audience. (www.lisatenorio.com).

In an interview by Channel 34's Alejandro Luna (Univision), both Hoffman and Tenorio cited expectations for international distribution of the feature documentary. "We were privileged to have been permitted unrestricted access to Lourde's medical archives," said Hoffman, a practicing pathologist with considerable experience in the diagnosis of cancer and tissue diseases. "We feel our presentation of the evidence is of keen interest around the world, and we look forward to distributing the film accordingly."

Following the awards ceremony, John Tenorio noted "We were overwhelmed at the attention our film received. The IFFF is the only festival of it's kind...with its unique family theme...and Peter and I are especially honored to have been honored for our contribution."

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