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Lourdes / Written and Directed by Peter Hoffmann, Produced by John Tenorio
An exploration of the medical facts and clerics’ position on the Miracles of Lourdes
Lourdes Film Credits

Written and Directed by Peter Hoffmann
Produced by John Tenorio
Edited by Grant K. Sorenson
Videographer/Camera, Scott Wilkinson
Music Composition, David Loeb
Music Production, Gary Griffin
Bernadette’s Theme Performed By Lisa Tenorio
Production Manager, Pièrre Adias
Assistant Director, Bruno Didier
Sound Engineer, Marc Stewart
Transcriptionist, Isabelle Chagnon
Tableau Artist, Helen Schiliro
2nd Unit Production Manager, Blythe Frank
2nd Unit Camera Operator, Dina Seiden
Copyright Research, Elody Herbel
Legal Counsel, Kristi Gamble, George Gilbert

Post Production Facilities Valencia Production & Post

Narrated by Jack Boxer

English Voice Translations Adrienne Brooks, Andy Fuller

Voice of Bernadette Soubirous Lisa Tenorio

In Order of Appearence

Fr. Liam Griffin
Irene Godbout
Père André Doze
Dr. Patrick Theillier
Abbé Patrick Jacquin
Bishop Jacques Perrier
Cyrille Vancoille
Jean-Luc Donnadieu
Betty Loges
Jean-Pièrre Chamayou
Genevieve Giraud
Roger Grolier
Gérard Baillie
Sur. Denise Saint-Amans
Sur. Paula Yoshioka
Sur. Germaine Bayoundoula
Sur. Thémyre Cazenave

Filmed with the permission of Sanctuaires Notre-Dame de Lourdes

Special Assistance Provided by

Musée des Pyrenées, Lourdes, France

Couvent de Saint-Gildard, Nevers, France

Paris Match Magazine

MSM Publishing

New York Public Library

Blessed Sacrament Church, Stowe, Vermont

Augustus C. Long Health Sciences Library
Columbia University in the City of New York

St. Francis Hospital, Roslyn, New York


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Canticle de Bernadette
Lourdes Traditional

Traditional Liturgy

Kyrie Eleison
Traditional Liturgy

Bach, J. S.
Prelude in C Major, The Well Tempered Clavier

Handel, G. F.
Sarabande with Variations